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Why Kundalini Yoga

Life is busy these days and we are constantly on the go. We need to be given the tools to get where we need to go quickly and Kundalini Yoga is the way to get there.  If other types of yoga are a train you can take to better health and well-being, Kundalini Yoga is the jet plane that will take you there.

Kundalini Yoga is the perfect tool to reach your health and fitness goals because it puts you on the fast track to becoming the best possible you.  

We start each class by tuning in using mantra and then we practice a breathing exercise. How you breathe is very important in Kundalini Yoga and in every day life. Focusing on the breath is one of the tools we use to access hidden depths within ourselves. We use the breath and all of the exercises that follow to break through blocks in your life, which have been holding you back.

We follow that with warm-ups designed to get energy flowing and strengthen your navel center.  This is the core power that we use to have strength of will and determination to keep going even when things get tough in our lives.

A specific set of exercises, called a Kriya, is next and this is where we work on whatever core issues are showing up in your life. Here we focus very specifically on your goals so you can achieve them quickly. After the Kriya we will deeply relax to allow energy to flow to every part of you that needs it.

Meditation and mantra are part of every class.  They take you even deeper allowing you to work on strengthening your inner wisdom even when you appear to be sitting in stillness. As you speak or sing the mantras you will start to experience the power of your own words and you will be able to access this strength in your every day life.

My experience with Kundalini Yoga has shown me exactly how quickly this technology works. I was able to make huge breakthroughs in my life after just one week of practice! It felt like magic. I discovered my voice and was finally able to articulate what I wanted to achieve in my life. I’m not going to tell you it was easy, because certainly I’ve had plenty of difficulties, but I was finally given the tools to work through things as they came my way.

Now I have the means to achieve whatever I want in this life.  When life gets hard, I know I have the tools to deal with whatever comes my way. You can have this power, too!