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We offer a variety of group classes throughout the San Diego area. If you are looking to make a big change very quickly, we offer our private and semi-private classes which are tailored specifically with your goals in mind. This will allow you to make big breakthroughs in your life. If you feel like you are stuck in a rut, prepare to bust out of it!

Private and semi-private classes are excellent for women who are new to yoga and feel intimidated about going to a yoga studio or gym. Getting back into exercise after a hiatus can be a very difficult step to take. Allow us to take that fear away, as you practice in the privacy of your own home and experience how quickly you can see results with one-on-one instruction!

Do you already have a steady practice and want to dive even deeper? Let us know what your aspirations are and we will guide you on your way to experiencing your true greatness!

Just contact us to set up your free phone consultation.

During our chat we will talk about what you’d like to work on, where you are stuck in your life, and what goals you would like to achieve, among other things. I will design a class based on our conversation that will help you realize your maximum potential.

Each class follows the traditional Kundalini Yoga model of tuning in, a breathing exercise, warm-ups, a kriya (set of specific exercises), and meditation/mantra. Classes are 90 minutes in length to allow us plenty of time to warm-up and cool down.

 Aerial’s positive energy is contagious and I always feel so energized and rejuvenated after we meet!  She seems to have a knack for putting together classes that are really relevant to what’s going on in my life.  I remember doing a heart-opening session with her that was so timely and effective – I was able to really push past some things I’d been harboring and I felt so uplifted afterwards.  I can genuinely feel the positive energy flowing through me during our sessions!  Thanks, Aerial! ~Tami Spence, Health Coach, La Jolla, CA